A Guide To Selected Population Resources On Government Web Sites This guide contains links to selected population and related data maintained on government web sites from various countries around the world.
The pages chosen for this guide include only those that appear on official government sites. In most cases, the data is derived from censuses
or national surveys. There are some exceptions, particularly in cases where the statistical data covers public health or other socioeconomic indicators.


National Office of Statistics
Statistics Links Page
This page, in English, offers access to general population tables (use link for "Population") as well as tables for certain social indicators such as education, employment and public health (use link for "Summary Tables").

Central Bureau of Statistics
Census of Kenya (1999)
This site provides access to the results of the 1999 census of Kenya, with figures for distribution of the population by age and sex, educational attainment, and population density in proximity to various water sources.

Population Distribution
Population summaries for the 108 towns, municipalities and urban centers in Kenya, based on the 1999 Census.

National Statistical Office of Malawi
1998 Population and Housing Census
An analytical report on the census is available in pdf format, and certain selected tables in Excel format.

General Demographic Information
Projections for population growth, birth and mortality rates, life expectancy and age distribution ratios for the period from 1998 through 2023.

South Africa
Statistics South Africa
Census 2001
This site offers access to the result of the most recent census taken in South Africa. Data are available at the Province, District and Municipal levels for age distribution and income.


Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India
2001 Census of India
India's site for the 2001 census offers access to data for various sociodemographic indicators, literacy and education, employment, religious affiliation, language usage and population projections. There are also links from this page to vital statistics information.

Government of Pakistan Population Census Organization
1998 Census of Pakistan

The site offers information from the 1998 census on population and housing, and includes data on the population distribution by age, marital status, literacy, and other variables, and includes a count of the migrant population. Some historical data is available from 1951.

National Statistical Office Thailand
Links from this page provide access to a number of different statistical sets covering population, the economy, public health, agriculture, industry, education and other indicators. The Thai census of 1990 is available, as are certain limited historical data.

Turkey State Institute of Statistics
Data is available on population, economics, education, development, public health and the environment. The link is to the English version of the data. Much of the data is available for the period from 1990 on.


L'Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques
1999 Recensement
Results of the official census taken in 1999.

Institut National d'Etudes Demographiques
Population en Chiffres
Vital statistics and miscellaneous data on migration, age distribution of the population, and other reporting categories.

Federal Republic of Germany
Federal Statistical Office Germany
Tables and data on vital statistics, general population counts, households, population migration, and other indicators.

Annual sample household survey compiled with representative data from 1% of German households.

Istituto Nazionale di Statistica
Annuario Statistico Italiano 2003

14° Censimento generale della popolazione e delle abitazioni
Definitive results of the 14th General Census of Population and Household taken in 2001.

National Statistics Office Demographic Review
Annual review of vital statistics for the population of Malta. Figures that appear in this online version of the publication also include population projections and migration statistics in addition to the standard vital statistics report.

Instituto Nacional de Estatistica
Annual statistical reports
This page offers access to annual statistical reports for the country as a whole as well as for individual provinces.

2001 Census
Results of the most recent Census of Portugal, conducted in 2001. (In the dialog box that appears on this page, scroll down past the annual report list to select compilations of census results.)

Other demographic data
This page provides access to general demographic data, including vital statistics and migration data. (Scroll down the list of data tables to select Social Indicators, Demographic Indicators, and other selected reports.)

Instituto Nacional de Estadistica
Censos de Poblacion y Viviendas 2001

Vital and other demographic statistics
This page provides access to historical population figures, migration data, basic demographic indicators, mortality tables, population estimates, and results of the 1991 Census of Spain.

United Kingdom
UK National Statistics Online
Data on Migration
UK National Statistics Online offers data on intranational as well as international migration

Vital Statistics
This site provides data on births, deaths, and life expectancy, population estimates and projections, and links to related data on socioeconomic factors and demographic trends drawn from historical data.

Census 2001
This site offers access to data taken from the 2001 survey on ethnicity, religion, health, housing, people and places. There is also an online interactive map.


Statistics Canada / 2001 Census
Census results include information on age and gender distribution, housing, the Canadian workforce, income, ethnicity and language use. Tabulations are provided for national, provincial and municipal results.

Vital Statistics
Basic population figures and vital statistics, as well as population projections.

Instituto Nacional de Estadistica Geografia e Informatica
The category "Estadisticas Sociodemograficas" offers access to individual data sets for vital statistics as well as data on families, households, and public health.

Census 2000
Results of the official census taken in 2000.

Encuesta nicaraguense de demografia y salud
Site for vital statistics as well as public health data. This survey is conducted periodically, the next most recent having been taken in 1998. The site offers data for the 1998 and 2001 surveys.

Encuesta nacional de hogares sobre medicion de nivel de vida, 2001
This survey, a representative one similar to the U.S. Current Population Survey, provides housing and related data for 1998 and 2001.

United States
U.S. Bureau of the Census
Census 2000 Summary Files and Table Selection
The Census 2000 site offers access to the census results through fixed or interactively configured data tables.

American Community Survey Summary Tables
This annual survey seeks to provide demographic and other data on the U.S. population through surveys conducted among approximately three million households per year. The survey involves information very similar to what is sought on the long form of the U.S. Decennial Census.

National Center for Health Statistics / National Vital Statistics System
Links from this page to summary information on births, deaths, marriages and divorces in the United States.

National Center for Health Statistics / Vital Statistics of the United States
Historical vital statistics from 1890 to 1993 in pdf format; limited information in electronic format for 1994-1999.

Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Immigration Statistics
Monthly, quarterly, and annual statistical reports on immigration and the activities of the Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, successor to the Immigration and Naturalization Service.


Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Censos
Population Statistics
This site offers various types of demographic data, including data from the 2001 Census, selected results of past censuses beginning in 1869, vital statistics, and population projections.

Instituto Nacional de Estadistica de Bolivia
Contains links to statistical summaries for social, demographic, and economic indicators, as well as to household, family, public health and employment surveys.

1991 Demographic Census
Offers information on population, housing, educational attainment, literacy, and population density.

Ministerio do Planejamento, Orcamento e Gestao: Demographic Census 2000
Population, housing and some basic indicators such as literacy. Tables of data are available for the country as a whole, for regions and for municipalities. The link is to an English version of the site.

Historical Census Data
Provides population estimates from 1550 on and indicates the sources from which the data is taken.

Anuario de demografia/Republica de Chile, Instituto Nacional de Estadisticas
Annual summary of vital statistics for Chile.

Ecuador 2001 Census
This site provides information on the VI Census of the Population and V Census of Households (conducted in November, 2001). It offers statistical tables detailing a number of demographic factors such as distribution by age and sex, marital status, participation in the workforce, literacy and educational attainment. Figures are available for the nation as a whole as well as for individual provinces. An interactive map facilitates selection of provincial data.

Dirección General de Estadística, Encuestas y Censos
This site offers access to the principal results of the 2002 census in .pdf format, an educational profile of the population, and vital statistics from the 2002 statistical yearbook.

Instituto Nacional de Estadistica e Informacion
Peru en Cifras
Peru en Cifras contains summary statistical information on a variety of demographic, social and economic indicators such as projected population growth, education, employment and poverty.

Census of Peru
The Census page provides a database for results of the 1993 census of population and households, and tables for certain specialized censuses such as the agricultural and university census.

Instituto Nacional de Estadistica - Republica Oriental de Uruguay
This site offers access to a range of sociodemographic indicators, including data compiled from the most recent census, taken in 1996. In addition to information on population and households, there are population projections, vital statistics, and data on education and public health. Other pages available contain information taken from the national census, the government's population projections, vital statistics, and selected demographic indicators.

Instituto Nacional de Estadistica
Censo 2001 Poblacion y Vivienda
The 2001 Census of Venezuela provides data on distribution of the population by age and gender, the composition of the labor force, and the population's geographic distribution.

Estadisticas Vitales
An annual report on births, deaths, marriages and divorces in Venezuela.